Early Years – Humble Beginnings

Friendship is for a life Time - the story that makes sense of this saying is SHANIT’s GROUP. In 1983, Mr. Praveen Patel and Mr. Mansukh Patel made a small start, manufacturing MAIZE FLAKES. Alongside, they resorted to odd jobs like selling vegetables and saree printing to make ends meet.

Continued to work hard with a small investment and a big dream in the rental space. Fate continued to meet step by step and one success after another.

Starting from one product, today SHANTI’s GROUP has 32 products and 5 factories working day and night. Climbing the ladder of success and anticipating the days to come, SHANTI’s GROUP diverted into three companies, "Shanti Foods India", "Shanti Snacks Pvt. Ltd" and "Shanti Foodchem Pvt. Ltd" active companies and is managed by 2nd Generation.


Mr. Nilesh is a great coach. Its strategic planning and integrity give SHANTI’s a new height. His efforts towards customer satisfaction have resulted in increased sales turnover and geographical reach. He is currently responsible for sales, marketing, export and branding. His dream of 2035 is overwhelming.

Mr. Vishal is the backbone of the SHANTI’s Group. He has a wealth of expertise in finance. He has established an economic strategy for the profitable long-term development of the business.

Mr. Bhavesh, an engineer who handles the responsibility of product quality and new development very skillfully. Under his leadership, SHANTI’s Group has been providing new healthy products to the world from time to time.

The Pillars of Shanti Group have strong team members involved in sales, logistics, account, quality and production. Each of these teams has qualified and honest members who work day and night like a family for the same goal.